Photos. Simply. Anywhere

Lirdy is the easiest way to unite all photos from all participants in one album. Always and anywhere.

No matter how big your event, no matter how many participants, no matter how many people you knew, no matter where it took place, no matter which camera you used – Lirdy unites all photos!

Lirdy works with or without internet connection, without the exchange of contact details and with all devices.

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  • Wedding, vacation or a private party?

    When many people are taking pictures, you`ll need ONE photo album where they can be collected without much effort.

  • Lirdy – your shared photo album

    With Lirdy, you, your friends and all of the other guests who joined the party, can easily create a shared photo album. Very simple and without the need to exchange any contact details.

  • Simple, always and anywhere!

    You have your photos on your smartphone? Your friends took pictures with their digital cameras? No problem: Lirdy unites ALL photos. Use our apps for android and iOS. Invite your friends via the individual QR-Code or the Lirdy-ID, which offers access to the album.

  • Your albums, your photos, your property!

    Album data is protected from unwanted access. Every photo you upload belongs to you - this is a promise! We take security seriously. All the data is stored on German servers and protected by German law.

Photos. Simply. Anywhere

Get an overview of what Lirdy actually is. Check out public photo albums or start creating your first photo album.

Have you got a 10-digit Lirdy-ID or a photo of the Lirdy-Code? They will help you find the album right here.

But Lirdy has a lot more to offer, you can sign up for free to find out more. Give it a go!

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Photos. Simply. Anywhere